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Doc's Peach Salsa

This sweet and spicy blend of peaches and peppers is great to make your favorite dip with, or to top the wildest fish.

Use this gourmet specialty salsa when baking your contest winning bread recipes, and it’s especially tasty in any cornbread recipe.

If you want to impress your family and friends at any gathering, just add Doc’s Peach Salsa.

Tip: For any quick fish, chicken, or pork (including ham for the holidays), simply add Doc's Peach Salsa for the perfect glaze.

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Doc's Medium Salsa

A sweet and spicy blend of tomatoes and peppers that taste just as good as your momma’s homemade salsa (only in a jar)!

Like your favorite chip, you can’t just have one bite of this salsa.

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Doc's Hot Salsa

A level up in heat from our medium, this blend of tomatoes and peppers has the right amount of spice to tickle your taste buds, while being savory enough to top any dish.

Use Doc's to top your favorite tacos, potatoes and veggies.

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Doc's Extra Hot Salsa

Consider it the “hottest” sibling in the bunch.

With the addition of habanero peppers to the already spicy blend of tomatoes and pepper, this salsa hits your pallet in all the right spots and makes you come back for more.

Tip: Use in your favorite chili; and for a totally veggie chili, pair Extra Hot with our Spicy Black Bean Salsa!

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Doc's Spicy Black Bean


Doc's Spicy Black Bean Salsa is considered Black Bean Corn's spicy older sister. This salsa is a smoky spice blend of tomatoes and peppers with whole black beans you can see and taste.

This special salsa packs just enough heat for any chili, while being modest enough to eat straight out of the jar.

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Doc's Black Bean & Corn Salsa

A mild savory blend of tomatoes, and peppers, with the fresh taste of corn and black beans that you can actually see and appreciate.

This special salsa is mild enough that everyone can enjoy it, (even your little ones) and it can be used to add just enough kick to any dish.