Doc's Gourmet products were established in Illinois in 1998. A limited number of our products are sold locally in Several Whole foods and Mariano's stores. This OFFICIAL website is the only place with access to all of Doc's Gourmet PRoducts for purchase. We started with traditional gourmet tomato salsa and have grown to specialty black bean salsas, peach salsa, relish, ketchup and barbecue products.

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What makes Doc’s rare is that you can see all our ingredients in every jar, which makes for a taste you can’t get enough of. Every one of Doc’s all natural products are gluten free.

 at Doc’s we never use high fructose corn syrup in our products.

#AllNatural   #GlutenFree  #NoHighFructoseCornSyrup

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Doc’s gourmet salsas and sauces are products that in every bite you can actually enjoy all of the ingredients. When you eat Doc’s you don’t need to fill your taste buds with liquids to chase the heat or other toppings to compensate for the low quality contents plastered together in a jar. That’s why we’re called GOURMET!